Director Desk

Director : Mr Sagar Sinha

Director : Mr Sagar Sinha

Welcome to Modernvilla Construction Online. As Managing Director, it is my pleasure to introduce the company to you.

At Modernvilla Construction we believe that client satisfaction is paramount to building a good reputation. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to our clients whereby a professional, efficient, yet friendly approach is supported by the delivery of a product that surpasses the expectations of the client.

Recognition as Industry leaders is a testimony of our commitment to offer professional client service and quality workmanship for now and into the future. We are proud of our team and it is a credit to them that a number of our current projects are for repeat clients.

Our website is designed to provide detailed information on Who We Are, How We Work, Our Processes, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines. If you have any queries regarding the information content presented on the site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Director : Mr Kr. Gaurav

Director : Mr Kumar Gaurav

It has been a source of great happiness for us to see the progress of Patna over the past few years. For this, We are extremely grateful to our dedicated team of creative and enthusiastic professionals who have played a crucial role in bringing about this difference in the city as well as the state. We are more than certain that Modernvilla Construction will soon be a widely acclaimed brand on the national front.

Modernvilla Construction has always strived to be at par with the expectations of our clients and also attempts to exceed them with our hard work and dedication. Our commercial and residential establishments are always designed to suit your expectations of comfort and need. We understand the significance of the feeling of a ‘home’ which can’t be defined as a mere enclosure within four walls. Similarly, we give high regard to the specific needs of creating a suitable corporate environment which is not only professional but also well equipped to meet the needs of your organization.

It is our pleasure to give you that unique dream house that defines your life and family